Dust Collector

Cyclone & Dust Collector

Along with the growth Idustrial furnace and the need for environmentally friendly also fulfill Corporate social responsibility, since 2014

SWIF ASIA has collaborated with Shiken Corporation to produce Cyclone and dust collector, lots of Dust collector type that we made, with system Pulse jet or mechanical.

    • Capacity
    • Up to 600m³/min Suction flow with fan supported
    • Discharging Eqp
    • Motoric Rotary Mechanism, Screw Conveyor Mechanism
    • Type
    • Bag Filter Dust Collector Type, Cyclone Dust Collector Type, Cyclone Dust Collector Type with Bag Filter Type
    • Sand Separator
    • Pulse Jet System Mechanical Vibration System

Dust Collecting Equipment for Galvanize Plating

The equipment glories in biggest numbers of delivery and 40 years history since development.

The equipment 100% disposes of zinc  and ammonium chloride arising from hot  dipping galvanize plating.

Filter Loading and stickness in case of leass degrease can be protected in combination with the pre-coating supplier which coats the filters with calcium carbonate, etc. Highest performance and number one delivery  records in the field.

Dust Collecting Equipment for Alumunium Furnace

The equipment efficiently disposes of exhausted gas and flux fume from alumunium furnace.

We have development and installed many numbers of the equipment in combination with large and medium scaled industrial furnace factories.

We have been enjoying high reputations among the user

Dust Collecting  System For High Temperature Exhaust Gas

This is the dust collecting equipment which disposes of dust fumes containing in high temperature exhaust gas which is produced when melting recycling goods or casting products.

The inlet air temperature can be controlled between 150 to 180° Celcius by the forced-air cooling device installed in front of the dust collector which is designed in compact size by Shiken original technology.

Filter life becomes longer by using pre-coated material mixed spun. Thanks to our over 40 years experience we enjoy good reputation for being efficiency, cost saving and high completion of the system. The system is widely used among recycling and casting factories.

Dust Collecting Equipment for Polishing Duct

The equipment requies various countermeasure and high performance againt dusts from polishing and abrasion because there contain various kinds of dusts according to process and conditions.

Since company estalishment we have devoted to developing dust collecting equipments for polishing dust in addition to development of polishing machine. The delivery achievements for over 50 years prove its excellent performance and the equipments have been obtaining high reputations world widely. There are two types “ Bag Filter Type “ and “Multiclone Type “ for your sellection according to use.