Galvanizing Field

Galvanizing Furnace

We are proud of the top market share of zinc galvanizing furnaces in continuous ones for hard steel wire such as wire rope and soft steel wire such as fence as well as batch ones for large steel structure such as bridge. For the continuous galvanizing line, we have newly developed fully-electrified zinc galvanizing facility as well as highly-efficient and fume-shield acid pickling tank. A substantial energy-saving version, using a combination of self-recuperative burner (Germany-made REKUMAT burner series) and immersion ceramic tube which heats molten zinc from within, is also available.

We make a proposal of a ceramic bath design which can cope with Zn-Al galvanizing. Ceramic baths do not require periodic replacement unlike conventional steel kettles, which can reduce maintenance costs and zinc metal losses generating from replacement of the kettles, as well as, dramatically reduce the risks of sudden production shutdown and opportunity losses caused by metal run-out accident.

  • - Low Energy Consumption
  • - Low N0x Emission
  • - No Zinc Molten Leakage
  • - No Need to Replace the kettel
  • - Reduction of Dross formation
  • - Alloy Galvanizing Capabilities
  • - Excelent Fuel Efficiency
  • - Weather & Corrosion resistance improvement

    • Material
    • Product Steel and Alloy
    • Capacity
    • Up to 12.000 kg/h
    • Charging Method
    • Crane / Hoist
    • Bath Size
    • Up to 10m(L) x 2.5m(W) x 2.5(D)
    • Type
    • Ceramic Bath type
    • Heating Source
    • Immersion Tube Burner and Heater