General Steel Fabrication

General Steel Fabrication


To provide our customer with wide range of services, SWIFA does general steel fabrication. This service built steel construction based on either with SWIFA’s design or customer’s design.

SWIFA offers competitive price and best quality as on our furnace construction.

Maintenance Service


As part of our commitment to deliver the best service to our customer,
SWIFA can provide our customer with wide range of maintenance
service. Such as :

• Periodical maintenance of furnace and it’s related equipments
• Refractory repair and total relining works
• Fuel conversion of furnace
• Kaizen / improvement works on furnace

And other maintenance activities requested by our customer. This
service not only done to our furnaces, but also can be done to other
furnaces system.

Other Service


SWIFA is able to serve other kind of request. Such as :

• Machine installation
• Moving of equipments
• Control panel design & manufacturing

Our experience and capability in our installation works can provide
you with good solution in this service