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Customer Oriented
Our team's broad expertise, combined with Sanken Sangyo Japan's reliable and low-maintenance designs, allows us to create solutions that meet our customers' needs effectively. This benefits everyone involved.
Respect for Individual and Fairness
We think a good work environment leads to the best results, so we treat everyone in our company with respect and fairness, no matter their position.
Precedence Safety
Operating in furnace industry will all its heavy equipment and machinery, SWIFA emphazise safety in the main design. Incoperating Gas detectors, interlock switches and manual books that meet international standard and training on safe work practice and attend seminar held by the government.
Corporate Social Responsibilities
We provide job opportunities for local workers and train them to be highly skilled workers. With 150 employees we currently employs and could still grow considerably in the future, we contribute to local economic growth. We also perform an environmental contribution by using an eco friendly resources and developing furnaces products and services with provision technology that can conserve energy.
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