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PT SWIF Asia is a subsidiary company of SANKEN SANGYO Ltd. A Japan based company which specialized in industrial furnace since 1949, the purpose of the establishment of PT SWIF Asia is to engage in Indonesia & ASEAN market and expand the SANKEN Group itself.
Since founded in November 2011, PT SWIF Asia has become one of the leading company in industrial furnaces in Indonesia, having worked in more than 50 projects through out including big names company such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Yamaha, Suzuki, Komatsu, etc.
To ensure that we provide only the best quality products and services for our customers, Sanken Sangyo as our mother company sets a strict standart and control at the manufacturing department.
SWIFA also makes the efforts to develop engineering and manufacturing capability to contribute as part of the SANKEN GROUP. As an effort for enviromental contributions, SWIFA constantly developing furnace products and services with provision technology to conserve energy and global warming.

Takeshi Takahashi
President Director

“PT. SWIF ASIA performs social contribution to INDONESIA, in addition other ASEAN nations through Industrial Furnace. Furthermore, go forward to develop of engineering, also manufacture as a member company of SANKEN Group”.

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